Carthage College Residence Hall – Kenosha, WI

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Quality Concrete Treatment with Bone Dry ProCarthage College New Residence Hall

Carthage College in Kenosha, WI has an ever-growing student body living on campus, and as a result the university has decided to build a new residence hall for the Fall 2018 semester. This new building is 50,000 sq. feet and will house up to 126 students; the lower two floors will consists of large common areas and the top six floors will be dormitory housing for the students. This new residence hall will accommodate the huge influx of students Carthage has gotten within the past few years.

Without proper concrete sealers, the foundation for this new building could have been susceptible to moisture damage and mold growth. With Bone Dry Pro, your concrete floor will have the impenetrable waterproof protection it needs to last for many years. Unlike most penetrating sealers, Bone Dry Pro can be applied at the pour, meaning you can save a ton of time on a tight schedule!

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Contractors Trust Bone Dry Pro for Fast and Easy Moisture Mitigation Solutions

With their tight construction deadlines, contractors usually don’t have time to waste gathering all the products they need to solve a concrete moisture problem. Bone Dry Pro can be applied at least an hour after fresh concrete is poured, meaning you don’t have to wait for the concrete to be fully cured in order to apply a sealer. You’ll get an impenetrable waterproof barrier in your concrete floor while also saving days on the job!

Moisture mitigation is a serious concern since it can seriously affect the integrity of your concrete floor. Failure to address moisture infiltration leads to many problems, such as:

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Our team of professionals has packaged all the tools and products you need to completely treat your freshly-poured concrete floors or seal existing concrete structures in your building. Our Bone Dry Pro System includes as needed:

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