Banner Health Center in Sun City West, AZ

A New Emergency Room for this Arizona Health FacilityBanner Health Center in Sun City West, AZ

In 2019, the Banner Boswell Medical Center in Sun City West, AZ began construction on a new Emergency Room and patient tower. The new ER will provide much-needed additional capacity for the Banner Health Center, increasing the number of beds from 42 to 56. With an expanded ER, the department can care for up to 60,000 ER patients annually. The new patient tower will also represent an additional $46 million investment into the community.

Bone Dry Pro was applied to ensure the new concrete floor for the Banner Health Center wouldn’t be susceptible to moisture damage. Moisture seeping through the structure to the surface of large concrete substrates can irreversibly damage the floor, and even make it unsafe to use. The expert moisture mitigation solutions provided by Bone Dry Pro will protect their concrete floors for years down the line! 

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Many contractors turn to two-part epoxies to waterproof concrete. The downside is that epoxies are very expensive and require grinding or shot blasting, followed by a skim coat. The total cost of using an epoxy moisture mitigation product is several days and many man-hours.

Bone Dry Pro costs significantly less than two-part epoxies applies quickly and is ready for flooring installations in six hours. Not only does Bone Dry Pro apply quickly and easily, it also disinfects the surface of the concrete. Bone Dry Pro prevents mold and mildew growth by eliminating the water it needs to live. 

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