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Bone Dry Structural Admix

Commercial-grade low VOC porosity reducing admix eliminating the path of moisture vapor emission.

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Key Features:
  • Lifetime Warranty on Bone Dry Structural Admix
  • Admix can be applied to the tail water or to a loaded truck - then mix for 7 minutes
  • Eliminates the need for costly onsite moisture testing
  • Compatible with both normal and lightweight concrete


  • Indoor
  • Commercial




Important Documents:

Bone Dry Structural Admix

Bone Dry Structural Admix is a low VOC porosity reducing admix (PRAH) which eliminates the path of moisture vapor transmission (MVER). Extend concrete service life by up to 80% with this structural admix. Our product prevents concrete degradation caused by salt and chloride ingress found in coastal, marine and salted road environments. Protect finished flooring, roofing and resinous material from moisture vapor transmission and bonding-related issues with our structural admix. Our product contains no silicates or alkalis and is suitable for normal or lightweight concrete. 

How to Apply Bone Dry Structural Admix

  1. Apply separately from other admix
  2. Mix at a 10 oz per 100lbs cwt. 
  3. Add as a 1-1 replacement to water

Additional Benefits

On-Site Mixing Add admix to batch. Allow 7 minutes before pouring
Plant Mixing Add structural admix to tailwater


  • Concrete must contain a water-to-cement ratio between 0.31 - 0.53
  • Admix ratio has a dosage range of +/-3%
  • Do not use shrinkage-reducing admixtures, crystalline growth admixtures or retarding admixtures containing Beta-naphthalene sulfonate with Bone Dry Structural Admix
  • Bone Dry Structural FX is compatible with curing compounds. ACI 302.2R-06 or dissipating curing compounds are recommended. Permanent cure and seal products are not recommended when installing moisture-sensitive flooring.
  • Use the manufacturer's specified adhesives for finished flooring installation.
  • Bone Dry Structural Admix is compatible with resinous coatings but slabs must be mechanically profiled to CSP 3 prior.

Bone Dry Structural Admix Benefits

  • Odorless
  • No downtime
  • Cost effective
  • Permanently waterproofs concrete
  • Extends concrete service life
  • Resists hydrostatic pressure
  • Non-flammable flash point
  • 1-year shelf life
  • Stable in normal conditions
  • Non-toxic: no VOCs, silicates or alkalis

Bone Dry Structural Admix Common Uses

Bone Dry Structural Admix is the ultimate product for extending concrete life, preventing salt deterioration, holding back hydrostatic pressure and waterproofing concrete. Our admix may be applied to all types of concrete and cement containing pozzolanic materials. 

Key Features for Concrete Contractors

We understand that time is money and reputations are everything. Get the job done quicker and more efficiently with the Bone Dry Structural Admix.


  • Complies with ASTM C 494 type S
  • ASTM C143 (slump) - Maximum increase of 0.5"
  • ASTM C231 (AIR CONTENT) - Maximum increase of 0.1%
    ASTM C138 (Wight) - No Change
  • ASTM C403 (Set Time)
    • Initial - maximum extension of 15min.
    • Final - No Change

Concrete integrity:

  • ASTM C39 (Compressive Strength)- No Change
  • ASTM C78 (Flexural Strength)- No Change
  • ASTM C157 (Length Change)- Up to 15% reduction in shrinkage
  • ASTM C666 (Freeze Thaw Durability)- up to 81% increase in durability at 300 cycles
  • CRD C48-92 (Water Permeability)- Reduction of up to 94%
  • CRD C48-92 (Water Flow)- Reduction of up to 93%
  • ASTM C1556 (Chloride Diffusion- Greater than 60% reduction
  • Life 365 (Concrete Service Life)- Greater than 80% Increase

Waterproofing Structural Admix FAQs

Q: Which admixtures is Bone Dry Structural Admix compatible with?
A: Bone Dry Structural Admix is compatible with most admixtures including normal, mid-range and high-range water-reducing admixtures, air-entrainers, accelerators, retarders, extended set control admixtures, and corrosion inhibitors but should be mixed separately from other admixtures. 

Q: Can I add Bone Dry Structural Admix to a dry mix?
A: No, if unable to mix at the batching plant, the admix can be added to the mixing drum and rotated for 7 minutes. 

Q: What is the boiling point of Bone Dry Structural Admix?
A: 212 F

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